Ulla Suokko Concert Flutist, Singer, Storyteller and Educator - New York - Cuzco, Peru
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Welcome to Ulla's Website!

“On a day
when the wind is perfect,
the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.
Today is such a day.” -Rumi

  • Classical Concerts
  • Master Classes
  • Entertainment - Pop/Romantic
  • Storytelling (children & adults)
  • MC (English, Spanish, Finnish)
  • Workshops
  • Music Classes
  • Private Consultations Worldwide
    (In person or via Skype)

Ambassador for Humanity from Finland

Finland-born concert artist and entertainer Ulla Suokko is a virtuoso flutist, an expressive pop/folk vocalist and a storyteller in many languages, enjoying a versatile international career sharing the magic of music, poetry and stories throughout the world. A consummate performer, this cosmopolitan bard is committed to making a difference in the world through music and musical stories – always with romantic charm, joyous passion and a delightful sense of humor. Whether by herself in her one-woman act, or when sharing the stage with other international world class musicians, Ulla’s performance is an intimate, inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking adventure that is not to be missed.

Ulla as a little girl

Finland - New York - Lima - Cuzco

She divides her time between her homes in Cuzco and Lima, Peru and Manhattan, New York while performing, teaching and inviting all of us to embrace the truth of our being and the passion of our hearts.

"Follow your heart, little one!
I'm right here waiting for you!"

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Contact Ulla

Perú: +51-974-272914
New York: +1-917-847-2537
E-mail: ulla@ullasuokko.com
Skype: ulla-suokko

See Ulla on YouTube

Dear Ulla,

You made me see that your Light, Fire, Sensuality, Magic, Humor, Talent, Human Vulnerability, Humility, Love, Joy, Surrender and Hope is a part of me as well!
You show to everyone with such simplicity and purity, without vanity, what we can achieve as well when following our dreams and asking for Divine Guidance when being at a crossroad.
Thank you for sharing your Gifts and following your Dreams always.

-Cristina Pavey

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